Our concept is all about logistics

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Subsea Logistics are planning to use the seabed for delivery and storage. Our sub-depot containers will be able to hold goods/parts/equipment in dry storage at the seabed.  Our concept thus opens up for the possibility to pre storage goods, making harbors at sea for different operations in need of logistical support and fast access to parts and equipment.

The Oil & Gas and wind farm industry will be potential customers for our concept. In addition, there are many other possible uses for this product, ranging from military to humanitarian.

One area we have found very interesting is pre storage of oil spill equipment on the seabed. This has the potential to make new areas safe, in regards of oil spill, and therefore politically acceptable. Delivery of goods directly to platforms in «unstable» areas of the world is also a possibility.

There are probably many other uses for this concept, that we still haven’t been able to imagine.

The time and cost saving potential is believed to be very high. As an example: when our founder got the idea for this concept, the operation he was a part of, (as the first officer on a ship), would have saved millions of dollars on a single delivery with our containers.

We have focused on patenting this concept and are now holding patents in the countries we believe are essential.

Our goal is to develop this new concept in the logistics arena, and to become a world leader in subsea logistics - hence our company name.

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